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  Hope and resilience in testing times

  Nathan Archer

  Tower Hamlets Early Years Summit

  Pauline Hoare

  Dealing with stress

  Deborah Lawto

  Intergenerational Project in Bristol

   Tim Clark

  Uncovering America’s Best-Kept Secret – family support and strengthening networks

  Andrew Russo

  Christmas opening in Camden   Debbie Adams

  30 hours evaluation

  Dr Gillian Paull

  Physical activity

  Philipa Youlden

  The first 1000 days

  Annamarie Hassall

  Co-location in Merton

  Tracey Podger and

   Helen Tebbit

  Sweating the Small Stuff – Early Childhood Education research

  Jan Dubiel


  Social Mobility: Language is gateway to success

  Susie Owen

  Word Gap: Closing the word gap – the story so far

  Kate Freeman

  ESOL Stepping Stones First steps for Mums and Babies

  Sharon Freeman

  Southend on Sea - 30 Hours team of the year

  Southend on Sea 30 Hours

  Implementation Team

  Practitioner stress: Why regulation-educated leaders are vital to relieve stress overload for practitioners

  Jane Evans

  Trading Places

  James Hempsall

  Childcare Sufficiency Assessments

  Claire Harding

  Sing to your Baby

  Nick Skinner

  Bercow: Ten years on

  Louisa Reeves

  Support seeking and stigma

  Dr Marie Lavelle

  Reviewing research gives hope

  Prof Eva Lloyd OBE

  Considering resilience

  Janet King

  10 steps to develop change-ability

  Jacqui Burke

  Supporting communication skills

  Kate Freeman

  Sector-in-waiting – For what?

  James Hempsall

  Future of Family Services

  Gordon Cameron

  Rurality, Children’s Centres and Funded Early Education Places

  Tracy Hopkins / Alana Miles

  Transitioning to Secondary School

  Jill Kassell

  Supporting children to communicate

  Mandy Grist

  Making Exclusion Visible - Language, Labels, Attitudes

  Dr Caroline Jones

  Village people - partnership working


  High Achieving White Working Class Boys

  Professor Tony Bertram

 Children's Centre Stories

  James Hempsall
  0-2 Children’s Centre Pathway in Leicestershire   Rachel Sharman

   A basket full of knowledges

  Dr Verity Campbell-Barr

  A bright future for 30 hours

  Dr Gillian Paull

  Should children be ready for school or school ready for children?    James Hempsall

  Children’s reading on screens

  Dr Natalia Kucirkova

  30 hours - for families    James Hempsall

  Paths to Work - Personal Development Plans for Parents


  In partnership for families

  Pauline Hoare

  Hope for parents wanting to work


  Think Family 2020


  Children’s Centres Systems Leadership - VUCA


  Dr Kaz Stuart

  Reflective Practices for Early Years

  Dr Caroline Jones

  Essential Baby Care Guide

   Essential Parent

  Family Hubs for the Future

   James Hempsall

   Think Family 2020    William Forest


  Making Exclusion Visible - Language, Labels,  Attitudes                                            

  Dr Caroline Jones

  Village people - partnership working


  High Achieving White Working Class Boys

  Professor Tony Bertram

   What chances for a new strategy    James Hempsall

   Village People - partnership working    Southampton

   Bulid tower blocks, not bungalows    James Hempsall

  Should We Fake it to Make it?

  Sue Webster

  Improving Quality

  Julian Grenier

  Is Love Important in Early Years?

  Sarah Cousins

  30 hours are on the way    James Hempsall

   Services first, buildings second   Hertfordshire

  Listening Leaders    James Hempsall

  Reclaiming Quality in Children’s Centres

  Dr Verity Campbell-Barr

  Employability for Lambeth Parents

  Phyllis Hayden

  The Rural Way

  Jan Casson

  Champions for 2 year olds in Kent


  Birth Registrations in Children’s Centres


  Supporting family choice   James Hempsall

  Feeling Better about Work - Supporting Staff Wellbeing

  Jill Delaney

  Integrated Health Checks

  Michael Newman and Sarah Bridge

  Rethink and re-energise     James Hempsall

   Improving healthcare in Herfordshire   Caroline Swindells

  Door knocking in Spalding     James Hempsall

  Fundraising Event


  2 year olds and school improvement


   Give Centres Resource and Freedom to Thrive    James Hempsall

   Runaway sucess for Crawley    Crawley Parent Volunteers

  Prevent Duty - it's everyone's job     James Hempsall

  Raising children's centre reach and engagement     James Hempsall

  Happy Healthy and Ready to learn in Hackney

  Caroline Hart

  The Future for Children’s Centre Leaders

  Jackie Lincoln

  Windows of Opportunity

  Barbara Mands

  A Gateway to Services in the Community

  Helen Stephenson

   Better Start a-swimming     James Hempsall

  A welcome     James Hempsall

   The future in parent's hands     Julie Crookes

  Cushioning the blow

  Sue Webster

  Valediction: Forbidding mourning

  Vicki Lant


  Sally Pemberton

  Distributing Breadth and Depth: Extending the leadership in Lighthorne Heath Children's Centre, Warwickshire

  Becki Cameron

  Distributing Breadth and Depth: Extending the leadership in Lighthorne Heath Children's Centre, Warwickshire

  Jay Baldwin

  Distributing Breadth and Depth: Extending the leadership in Lighthorne Heath Children's Centre, Warwickshire

  Steffanie Palmer

  Communication-Friendly Collaboration

  Alison Tweedale

  Professional Friends

  Sue Webster

  Celebrating Two for Twos

  James Hempsall

  Increasing the Reflective Functioning Capacity of Early Years Professionals

  Dawn Cannon

  Leaderful Governance

  Tessé Akpeki

  Finding a Purposeful Voice

  Vicki Lant

  Effective and Caring Leadership for Empowering Change

  Elaine Hallet

  Nourishing Leaders

  Carol Matta

  Leading Sensory Learning

  Jo Grace

  Leaders as parents

  Sue Owen

 The Great Children’s Centre Leadership Bake-off/Bee

  Sue Webster

  Two year old offer goes from strength to strength

  James Hempsall

   Early Years - topic of the month    Sue Egersdorff

  Promising Catalyst

  Eunice Lumsden

  Mastering Leadership

  Vicki Lant

  A Foundation of System Leadership

  Jude Burgess

  Leading Self

  Allyson Cardis


  Sue Place

  Leading is Reading

  Sue Webster

  Many Rooms, One House

  Anand Shukla


  Vicki Lant

  A Leadership Journey through Commissioning and into Hill Valley & Vale Children’s Centres

  Sarah Birch

  Sustainable Leadership Learning: The impact of the National Professional Qualification for Integrated Centre Leadership (NPQICL) Maureen Longley

  Organisational readiness A pragmatic approach to preparing and planning for a future children’s centre inspection

  Lesley Sanderson

  You only have one chance to make a good impression a personal reflection

  Sue Webster

  Family Learning Works

  Margaret Lochrie

  Achieving Two Year Olds: statutory duty comes into force

  James Hempsall

  Collective Voice

  Sue Egersdorff

  Early Support - Here to Help

  Gill Haynes


  Collective Good

  Vicki Lant

  Hello Baby! Birth Registration in Children’s Centres

  Debbie Koroma

  The Freedom Programme

  Helen Yarworth

  Where Are All The Men? Men in Childcare: Challenging the Status Quo

  Charlotte Jones

  Learn, Do, Review

  Sue Egersdorff

  A Space For Ideas

  Sue Webster

  More Than the Sum of its Parts

  Professor Iram Siraj-Blatchford

  Things come apart

  Vicki Lant

  Better Together

  Professor Nick Frost

  Learning to Behave: How Hard Can it Be?

  Kay Mathieson

  Shaping Up and Moving Forward

  Sue Egersdorff

  Purpose and Young Children: A Personal Perspective

  Nick Swarbrick

  Increasing the Reflective Functioning Capacity of Early Years Practitioners

  Dawn Cannon

  Many Things Can Wait

  Sue Webster

  A Foundation for Change

  Graham Allen MP

  A Real Sense of Urgency

  Vicki Lant

  Time for a Change

  Margaret Lochrie

  Change - a Step at a Time

  Colleen Bilton

  Change - a Step at a Time

  Jane Harmer

  Coaching For Change

  Gill Dickers

  Coaching For Change

  Angela Foley

  Change for Life

  Sarah Scotland


  Lesley Hollinshead

  Fluid Change

  Richard Scott

  Don’t see red in the future, look for gold in the past.

  Sue Webster

  The Voice of Experience

  Dr Maggie Atkinson

  Listening - Past, Present & Future

  Vicki Lant

  Reach for Change

  Ang Hilton

  Leading Lifelong Dialogues

  Faith Robbins

  Collective Leadership Challenge

  Peter Gerrard

  Children first and always

  Paul Watling

  Cultural Antennae

  Alina Mohd Yunus

  A new leadership paradigm?

  Sue Webster

  Time for two year olds

  James Hempsall

  Leading a Legacy

  Judy Murray

  Stories of Leadership

  Vicki Lant

  Do you understand your leadership story?

  Ian Robson

  A Success Story in Five Chapters

  Rosheen O’Byrne

  I’m Starting With the Man in the Mirror

  James Hempsall

  The Land Of Make-Believe Leadership

  Kathryn Solly

  A tale of two countries Leadership in children’s centres: a comparison between England and the Netherlands

  Merel Steinweg

  Chatting with Children

  Diane Leath

  The Chimp Paradox

  Sue Webster

  Speaking Out

  Neil Leitch

  Are You A Tweeter?

  Joyce Matthews

  New Face On The Block

  Julie Cadwell

  Organising Dialogue

  Vicki Lant

  Seek First To Understand

  Lucy Buckingham

  Time To Lead Your Organisation

  Gillian Kitchen

  Intelligent Leadership

  Hazel Davies

  Intelligent Leadership

  Sue Webster

  On The Hinge Of History

  Donna Leigh

  Nourishing Change

  Jamie Oliver

  In Praise of Doubt

  Vicki Lant

  Much More Than Food

  Dr Rebecca Chicot

  Which professionals? Which boundaries?

  Margaret Rostron

  Developing an appetite for community capacity

  Wendy Martindale

  Pageant Master?

  Sue Webster

  Banbury Sunshine Children’s Centre

  Jill Edge

  Quality Enhancement

  Professor Cathy Nutbrown

  Serving Quality

  Vicki Lant

  A Breath of Fresh... Learning

  Annie Davy

  Action Research in Children’s Centres

  Professor Carol Aubrey

  Led By Learners

  Dr. Elaine Wilmot

  Leading Spatial Possibilities

  June McHugh

  Addiction to Learning

  Juliet Doswell


  Professor Philip Gammage

  What is Your Leadership Brand

  Sue Webster

  Realising a Dream

  Jackie McCormick

  Firmer Foundations - Higher Aspirations

  Sue Webster

  What did Sure Start teach me about leadership?

  Naomi Eisenstadt

  A Phoenix Moment

  Vicki Lant

  Quiet Epiphanies

  Judith Holby

  The Friction of Change

  Jane Morgan

  Evolutionary Leadership

  Liz Applin

  Evolutionary Leadership

  Lydia Christensen

  Cultivating Change

  Sue Webster

  Building a Sense of Place

  Lord Andrew Mawson

  Culture Construct

  Vicki Lant

  Scaffolding the Future

  Jan Casson

  Creating the Flex for Stress

  Mike Gasper

  Fundamentally Right Connections

  Louise Jackson

  Leading on a Tightrope

  Camila Batmanghelidjh

  Lessons from Geese

  Vicki Lant

  Daring to Walk the Tightrope

  Kay Dimelow

  From the Tightrope

  Gerri Ross

  Is Optimism a ‘Fluffy’ Attribute

  Sue Webster